As a tangible result, the students from Italy, Spain and Portugal prepared and developed a Power-Point presentations about different topics. With this activity the students were able to:

    • Put into practice their oral skills in English and, thus, improve their level of communicative competence in this language.

    • Encourage the use of ICTs in the preparation of the presentations.

    • Improve students’ confidence in their ability to learn and use the foreign language.

    • Value English as a means of communication with people of different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures, and also as a learning tool.


Topic: Presentation of the schools, the culture and traditions of each country.

Then, you can see the video that we have edited of the presentations, as well as the Power-Point presentations made by the students.

Presentation of the italian group.

Erasmus Put Sicily PowerPoint by carmen on Scribd

Presentation of the Spanish group.

Spanish Presentation (1st M… by carmen on Scribd

Presentation of the Portuguese group.

Madeira island, portugal.ppt de Erasmus Solidarity


Topic: Presentation of the institutions that collaborate with the schools and other sociocultural aspects of the countries, especially related to immigration.

Video edited by students with their presentations.

PowerPoint presentations of the schools:

Immigration Presentation in… by on Scribd

Presentacion de Portugal en… by on Scribd

Migration in italy lavoro per valencia de Erasmus Solidarity


Topic: Summary about previous mobilities and personal experience of the students who participated in the project.

Video edited by the students telling their experiences during the mobilities.

Prest. Madeira Abril 2019 in Portugal by carmen on Scribd

Prest. Italy Abril 2019 in Portugal by carmen on Scribd

Prest. Spain Abril 2019 by on Scribd