To advertise our project at all levels: local, national and international we have developed some bookmarks, leaflets and posters that have been disseminated to the institutions in the surroundings of the different centres to ensure the sustainability of the project over time.
A sample of this material appears below.



This teaching unit has been designed with the aim of introducing students to the world of volunteering, explaining contents about charity, respect, values and helping the most disadvantaged.

In addition, as a final objective, it is proposed that students, in cooperative groups of 4 students with mixed learning rhythms, create their own NGO developing work for tasks.

Create your own NGO from Erasmus Solidarity


In order to improve communication with families and partners, a pocket brochure with basic vocabulary has been developed so that students can practise a little of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese  and socialize with their partners and teachers during the mobility. A copy of it was delivered to all participants.

English – Italian from Erasmus Solidarity

English -Portuguese from Erasmus Solidarity


One of the first activities was to hand a questionnaire to 50 students of each school. The aim is to observe their current solidary spirit, and analyse the possible changes during the life of the project. Therefore, we will hand a similar questionnaire again at the end of the project , which will be useful  to compare and assess the final results.