On the 9th and 10th of last May 2019, the second and last transnational meeting of the «Put Yourself in my Shoes» project took place in Lentini, Sicily (Italy).

The participants that were part of the meeting were the following:

– Italy: Gabriella Romano, coordinator of European projects and English teacher.

– Portugal: Teresa Farinha, coordinator of European projects and Maths teacher, Rita Mendonça (science teacher), and Ângelo Patricio (Maths teacher).

– Spain: Sara Segura, coordinator of European projects and English, and Carmen Sapena, Maths teacher.

The main objective of this meeting between the coordinators and some members of the Erasmus+ team of each country was to review the fulfillment of the objectives of the project, assess the mobilities carried out and coordinate the last tasks.

The first day of the meeting, on the 9th of May, began with the reception by the director, Mr. Vicenzo Pappalardo, who welcomed all the participants before starting the work of the transnational meeting. Then, both on the 9th and on the 10th of May, the parts of the form that were most relevant for the closure of the project were read.

After evaluating the development of the project, all the participants agreed that the objectives had been fully and satisfactorily fulfilled and the agreements of the session were drafted.

At lunchtime, the participating teachers enjoyed a delicious Sicilian homemade meal prepared by a teacher of the school who kindly invited us to her country house.

In the afternoon and in the evening the group of teachers had the occasion to see the festivity of S.Alfio, the Patron of Lentini. Fireworks, music and folkloristic religious celebrations were impressive and unforgettable.

The third day all the teachers went to visit the volcano Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. It was an amazing adventure as the trip destination was the main crater that is 3100 metres high.  The trip included the cable-way, the jeep and then by foot with a guide, until the top of the volcano. There, we could see  the lunar landscape and have a walk around the ancient lava flows and craters.