We all travelled to the school in Francofonte where several activities were organized for this day.

The first one was a football tournament. All the teams were formed by Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian students, together with some residents of the SPRAR, which is the residence of some immigrants and is also located in the same town.

Sport is union and it does not matter who wins.

The second activity today was a visit to the SPRAR. There, we had the chance to interview and share experiences with some of the residents. We could listen in first person to their stories, and how some of them had to sail across the Mediterranean risking their lives in search of better living conditions. They are brave men and women, who had to abandon their loved ones and who, despite everything, are able to maintain their smile and hope.


Students wrote a report on the interviews and created storyboards to illustrate their experiences.


Reception at the City Hall by Dott. Arch. Salvatore Palermo, mayor of Francofonte.