On the second day of mobility, we started visiting the facilities of the Refugees Support Center of Mislata. Visi kindly guided us through the different areas of the centre such as the bedrooms, dining room, laundry, library, study area etc. We also had the chance to attend a Spanish lesson with some refugees, and the students had the chance to speak with them and learn more about their experiences and hopes. The students and teachers from Italy and Portugal had the opportunity to know how the professionals in this centre work with immigrants, and the steps they follow in order to integrate them in society as soon as possible.


The Refugees Support Centre has been hosting immigrants and asylum seekers in Mislata since 1991, and for the students at Colegio Santa Cruz is something very common to welcome and integrate in class their classmates who, for political reasons or war conflicts, had to leave their homes searching for new opportunities to succeed.

Later on, students and refugees participated in some games and sports activities together. They played colpbol, a local game, in order to have a great time and strengthen ties.

In the evening, the students attended a presentation delivered by refugees from the Republic of Chad about their own country, explaining social and economic aspects of it, as well as talking about their culture and traditions. The students had prepared previously a series of questions in order to get to know this country better.

For security reasons, no graphic reproduction of the event has been made, since the minors participating are refugees at risk and in danger of persecution for political reasons.